Let’s Uncover The Secrets Of The Beautiful Islands On Earth, Have A Look

You think you have discovered all, but there is so much more which needs to be seen. Here are some secret and breathtaking islands around which are yet uncovered.

Vietnam: Con Dao

Con Dao is a group of islands off the Southeast coast of Vietnam. You will get to see sheer granite cliffs around border deserted beaches and crystal blue water. The beauty on the beach is as astonishing as the beauty beneath the water.

On the shores of Bay Canh, you will be able to see many turtles, as the coast is a breeding ground for them. The best part of these beaches are, the crowd here is minimal. The stay on the island is quite luxurious as well.

secret island


Indonesia : Gili Trawangan

We have all heard about beaches in Bali, but there is a magnificent party island just 35km west from there. Gilli Trawangan is an awe-inspiring island located in the northwest of Lombok Strait. The beaches on the island are worth visiting for, visitors often here extend their vacation being stuck by the beauty of the island.

Gilli Trawangan is the best-suited island for a party, as the beaches around are stocked by crowds chugging beers. The island is also known as Party island.

secret island


Portugal: Pico

Pico Island lies in the central group of the Portuguese Azores in the North Atlantic Ocean, the island is dominated by Ponta do Pico volcano with still is an active volcano. The island was considered virtually unknown, after Columbus’s quest in 1942. The Island is an incredible mixture of beach and volcano with only 15,761 inhabitants.



Sweden: Sandon

Sandon is a small island located in the central – peripheral of Stockholm. The island has considered a god in ancient Tarsus. Sandon island is also known as Sandhamn (sand Harbour). The island stunning view with a blend of beaches, pine trees, and a whole lot of greenery. It was also the setting for the popular thriller trilogy by Stieg Larsson.



British Virgin Islands: Scrub Island 

Scrub Island is in the Caribbean and is a part of young volcanic islands known as the Lesser Antilles. In 2018, the island was purchased by The Ardent Companies, with a $41 million investment. It has thrilling beauty along with unforgettable Resorts.



Greece: Skopelos 

Skopelos is located in the western Aegean Sea among the other group of the Northern Sporades in the Thessaly region. The beauty of the island was also shown in the Hollywood movie ‘Mamma Mia’ in 2007. The island has enchanting beauty, people love to wish and have ferry rides on the island.



Belize: Caye Caulker 

Caye Caulker is located on the shores of Belize. It is a small Caribbean island with few inhabitants in Caye Caulker village. The island has wondrous beauty with dense forest and diverse birdlife. It is quite famous for snorkeling as well.



Iceland: Flatey 

Flatey Island was believed to be formed by the great glacier from the time period of the ice age. The island is located in Breiðafjörður with a cluster of small islands. There is no much night sky to be seen here and on a summer day, one can enjoy the sunlight for 21 hours. Though there is not much to visit on the island the beauty is breathtaking.


Mauritius: Rodrigues 

Rodrigues is located east of Mauritius in the Indian Ocean. It is a small fish-shaped Island which is best to visit for hikers and kite-surfers. The island is popular because of its astonishing beauty and with the due contribution of Prince Williams in past years. There are not many inhabitants on the island, it mostly has a dense forest surrounded by crystal blue water.



India: Andaman Islands 

Andaman Island is known as Andaman and Nicobar Island that lies in the Indian Ocean about 850 miles east of the Indian subcontinent. The island has numerous culture and highlighted the ancient indigenous tribe. The coral reefs of the island support marine life. It has thrilling beauty with some historical places like cellular jail to visit.



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