10 Crazy Head Turning Moments on Reality Tv Shows: See Some Here

Reality Tv has always been an entertainment source for the audience. The trend and popularity of reality has always been a game of TRP. In the initial stage reality shows were just for entertainment but with the emerging trend they seem more dangerous and humiliating.

Here are some grossest, mortifying head turning moments on Reality Tv that will shock you all.

1.  Donkey Juice – Fear Factor

Fear Factor has always tested the ability of the participants, the show is all about defeating your fear by performing the given stunt.

But in the early 2012 episode of Fear Factor, all the boundaries were crossed. The contents have to drink the donkey semen and urine to win $50,000 and they actually completed this repulsive stunt. Though the episode wasn’t aired but somehow got out through Danish Tv. All the contents were asked not to mention it in media. The episode was titled “Hee Haw! Hee Haw!” and was the last episode of Fear Factor Filmed by NBC ever.

2. That Thing About Miriam

Another shocking moment on reality Tv shows is this short lived show. It is partially same as ‘The Bachelorette’, where six men will woo a female Miriam Rivera and later one that she will choose would be the winner. But ‘There’s Something About Miriam’ which was the plot twist. In the last stage of the show while declaring the winner Tom Rooke, a secret of Miriam was revealed.

The secret was Miriam was pre- op transgender. When later the twist was revealed the reaction seemed humiliating, the winner was shocked and other contents were giggling and pointing out to Tom.

The show was aired in 2004, with unfavourable responses. It was defaming and has some disgrace reactions for transgender people.

3. Children dressed inappropriately – Toddlers and Tiaras

Childhood is one of the best phase but this reality Tv somehow distant the innocence of the children from them. In this show the mistake was considered of the patent but partially it was the show as well for competing children in a pageant.

In 2011 season of the show, many people got startled. When a three year old Paisley was dressed as prostitute character by her mother Wendy Dickey. The character was once played by Julia Roberts in Pretty Women.

4. Painful transformation – Extreme Makeover (2002 – 2007)

Extreme Makeover was an early 2000s show. The show was based on the concept of transforming the ‘ugly duckling” into a fire tale princess or ‘the swan’ which includes many painful surgeries.

The season two content Lorrie Arias was traumatised after the show and ever since had mental health problems. In 2005, episode featured the youngest contestant Katie who was bullied due to her looks and went under a brutal surgery to fix her jaw. Doctors had to break her jaw to perform the surgery. The show was considered shallow and received extensive criticism.

5. Outing on Survivor

American Survivor has been quite a famous show but the season 34 episode six received criticism widely. As in this episode, one of the constant Jeff Varner outed on another constant Zeke Smith on being a transgender. It is an individuals choice to express but Jeff outed on Zeke for not informing others.

While Jeff was insensitive other constants supported Zeke, even the host Jeff Probst said:“I cannot imagine anyone thinking what was done to Zeke was okay on any level. Later with the vote 6-0 Jeff was eliminated.

6. Jeff Bites off Lizards Head – Naked and Afraid (2013)

Naked and Afraid is the reality show aired at Discovery Channel. The show displays the two contestants who are complete strangers left in the wilds to survive 21 days.

The show tests the survival ability of the contestants in extreme situations. In the 2013, a contestant Jeff on the other hand took it quite seriously. The constant hunt a lizard in the dessert and bites its head off before eating it alive.

7. Snooki Sucker Punched – Jersey Shore (2009 – 2012)

Jersey Shore was a show were the bunch of participants use to dress up and get drunk. The Tv show use to record all the things contestants use to do while they were wasted. In one of the episode Nicole “Snooki” got pushed in the face by a guy in the bar due to a dispute over some drinks.

Snooki wasn’t severely harmed but the guy got arrested later. This definitely isn’t entertaining.

8. Big Brother gets racist – Big Brother (2000) 

Big Brother was one of the top reality tv shows. The year 2000, was considered one of the controversial seasons of the show. Many racist comments where shown in the show said by 23 year old, Aaryn Grees from Texas.

The comments offended contestants as well as audience. Later when she was evicted and was asked by host she said thats how people talk in Texas.

9.  Repo Man threatened with gun – Repo Games (2011- 12)

It was one of the short lived reality games that featured real life individuals whose cars were repossed but where then given a chance to get them back through a game of trivia.

In one of the episodes of Repo Game things went really bad when one of the individuals got so aggregated that he pulled a gun on the host. As the crew was nearby thus the tension was relieved quickly and no one was harmed. But charges were laid and the man was sentenced to 90 days in the county jail and five years of probation.

10. Kutcher Punks Timberlake – Punk’d

It was a show hosted by Ashton Kutcher where he use to prank his friends. These pranks were outlandish and hilarious but in one of the episodes he went a little too far.

In one of the pranks he pulled on his friend Justin Timberlake fake IRS agents were called at his Hollywood home to repossess everything he owns. In the last stage we will see Justin in tears as even his dogs were taken away.


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