10 Essentials Millennials never forgets

To do what, and whatnot. To do it when and when not. To do where and where not. Millennials know it all. The century we are in is not just the Information age because the access to knowledge rate is sufficing, it’s more of it because Gen Z has the clarity of what’s fact-based and what’s sham.


Here are 10 essentials that make millennials go GOAT. 

Social Networking and the Internet Community

Socializing is one rave that doesn’t have bends with generations. The relish has been associated with ‘forming cliques‘ for ages irrespective of what generation people belong to. The ways, however, has been evolved including the change of platforms. The hobnob has switched to websites and applications available in our gadgets. 

Whether it’s updating IG and Snapchat or picking the fake news out from Facebook, they leave no stone unturned; inclusive of WhatsApp and Twitter to chat and opinionate.

Having a network with people and creating a social life on social media is something vital to the Millennials today.

OTT Platforms 


The streaming services is one of the best leisure source dispensed to this generation. From ‘Netflix and Chill’ to ‘Yeh bhi theek hai’ and ‘Aham Brahmasmi’ the source of entertainment has changed its bent and carved into way more comfy amusement. The pocket-friendly services are one of the perks again.

The Woke Memes 


The concept of imparting knowledge in a creative manner has always been the best approach to educate people. The trend shows it fell for the same. The special thing about memes on social media is they serve sarcasm with what is happening in the world. And therefore, even if one has missed info, it can be absorbed by the social media platform. It is one of the essentials without which Millennials might have FOMO.



Huge families with a bunch of siblings turning into nuclear ones have originated yearnings to travel in the minds of the youngsters today. The need now to attain peace is to travel to mountains, valleys, falls, and to name a few.

The desire is in the very people for at times detoxification or a vacay which is essential at present.

Cosmetics: The conventional

Many believe the need of wearing the cosmetics of people today is driven by the ‘created conventional’. However, the fact cannot be denied that to look the best is everyone’s take for themselves; ways varying from people to people.

The Millennial Slangs 


The very essential to survive is to get through with the slangs Millennials use to convey their thoughts and what they feel about something. some of the popular Millennial slangs include FOMO, GOAT, slay, flex, lowkey, and on and on. A drawback that one might face if not aware of these terms is, one may not get the crux of the conversation or what’s said. It’s involved in their language in such a way.

To be a Woke, Politically 

The very common essential in the past decade which has been noticed is, to be aware of what’s happening around, near and far off, national and international. The political awareness of what our ruling government is intended towards and what is the politics going on is one thing almost every millennial wants to make note of.

They hate to be laid back with no facts in head and be unaware. Whether to be in the loop or having the knowledge for their own good, no matter what the reason is, this essential is a good thing to keep on the list.

The Millennials’ Reinforcement 


The best thing about this generation is, they were never stopped having their say. They have their facts checked, they know what is going on and they know what they have to support. Any injustice has never been tolerated by the people youngsters today and none will never be. From being a feminist at all times (Feminism of their idea) to carrying forward the LGBTQ community and their rights, they never fail to verbalize their opinion.

Gourmet of all times 


‘Good food, good life’ is what they heavily believe in. Pampering themselves with toothsome cuisines is what they never forget. They require healthy food with a healthy ambience which includes the café, restaurants, and others in their list.

To Enhance and Embrace 
One of the coolest and healthiest features of the millennials is to respect themselves and their thoughts, not forgetting what’s required to improve.
They know what will keep ’em healthy mentally and physically. The millennials range from gym freaks to yoga lovers. They value themselves and that is the best for a being. Self-love is their priority.


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