10 Etiquette Mistake You Need to Stop Making before you turn 40-year-old

Etiquette means basic manners or polite behaviour in society among professional or group.  Etiquettes are either taught or incorporated when living around people.

But sometimes, you make an etiquette error, whether accidentally letting the elevator door close when someone’s rushing to get in or forget to say “sorry” when you hit somebody by mistake.

Making some errors are normal. But etiquette coach Maryanne Parker, founder of the Luxury Etiquette Institute and Manor of Manners said: “By the age of 40, we should know how to introduce ourselves properly.”

Below are the 10 etiquettes one must incorporate before you turn 40.
  1. Not Introducing others

Whenever you go out for a party or get-together, it might happen that many of the people joining a party maybe don’t know each other. So it’s an etiquette to introduce people to each other.

If you fail to do so, it doesn’t make each person feel valued and it also sends a message to the other person that they aren’t worth knowing.

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2. Showing Up Late

Getting late once in a blue moon due to some urgent reasons is different but if you start showing up late again and again then that’s not clearly a mistake.

If you have an office at 10 and it takes one hour from your house to the office, then you should leave one and a half hour before so that you don’t show late.

Showing up late tells others that your time is more valuable than theirs. If running late let other’s know the season so that they can wait.

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3. Not bringing gifts to parties

Gifts are a small gesture of saying “Thank you” to people who have invited us to their party. Even if you have not much income, showing up empty-handed is an error in terms of etiquette.

It’s not necessary that you bring expensive gifts, you might even take a scented candle or a bouquet.

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4. Talking with food in your mouth

How would you feel if you somebody is talking with you when their mouth is filled with food? You might feel a little disgusted.

Similarly, when you are eating you should always keep your mouth shut. once you are finish eating then only you should speak, as it is basic etiquette.

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5. Not standing when being introduced

Whenever you are being introduced or greet someone, you should always stand up Greet. Though it’s not necessary to stand, it’s an etiquette as another person will feel nice.

When you stand to greet someone, it not only shows that you are eager to meet and welcome them, it an easy to convey respect.

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6. hanging up before saying “goodbye”

Just because you’re in the illusion that a phone call has ended does not really actually mean that the guy on the other side of the line knows it.

If you’re about to end the call, make sure that’s obvious and say “goodbye” before you hang up or you could find yourselves unintentionally cutting off the individual you’ve been speaking to.

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7. Neglecting to respond to emails in a timely manner

Sometimes, it is difficult to reply to all the emails and you may even get spam mails. But you can’t ignore some mails.

So, always remember to answer the emails on time as unanswered emails may fight to feel rude.

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8. Leaving your read receipts on

It’s as easy as checking the settings on your phone to stop this shocking social etiquette.

Although it might seem small, leaving receipts to read especially when you don’t react to people right away can be viewed as extremely rude, similarly in the case of email.

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9. Interrupting

The feeling of being poked by another person when you are on call or talking to someone, you might feel annoyed.

So, one should always wait for another person to let finish speaking. You might be excited to know but this is not a right etiquette.

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10. Cutting in line

You realized this was inappropriate in school, but why would cutting in line be a little less of an etiquette error later in life?

This is particularly valid for retail environments. If a new queue opens, but you’re at the rear of the current line, it doesn’t grant you a free pass to leap to the front of the new one.

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