10 interesting facts unknown facts about India

It is said that “And above all, watch with glittering eyes the whole world around you because the greatest secrets are always hidden in the most unlikely places. Those who don’t believe in magic will never find it.” 

This quote truly says and below are 10 Interesting facts about India which will make you surprise.

  1. Hindi is not the National Language of India

Official languages mean the one which is a country uses to communicate on an official level. There are 20 official languages and Hindi is one of them but surprisingly it is not our official language. There are cities where people don’t feel happy speaking in Hindi like Chennai.

10 unknown facts about India
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2. Kumbh Mela visible from space

One of the biggest religious fairs in India celebrated, held in Haridwar. In 2011, over 75 million pilgrims visited the mela which was the largest gathering. The gathering was so big that it was visible from space.

10 unknown facts about India
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3. Highest Cricket ground in the world

India has the highest cricket ground located in Chail, Himachal Pradesh. Chail Cricket Ground situated in an altitude of 2,444 meters. It was built as part of Chail Military school in 1893.

10 unknown facts about India
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4.Indian National Kabaddi team has won all the world cups 

Surprisingly, Indian men’s and women’s all Kabaddi world cups were won by the Indian team. And they haven’t been defeated in any of the singles tournament.

10 unknown facts about India
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5.India’s first President only took 50% of his salary

The first President of India Dr. Rajendra Prasad only took 50% of his salary. As he said that he did not require more than that. And during the end of his 12-year tenure, he reduced it to 25%. The salary of the President was Rs 10,000 back then.

10 unknown facts about India
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6.USB was developed by an Indian-American computer architect

One would be surprised to know that the Universal Serial Bus (USB) was developed by Ajay V. Bhat. Ajay also developed PCI Express, AGP (Accelerated Graphics Port), Platform Power management architecture.

10 unknown facts about India
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7.Shampooing is an Indian concept

The shampoo is an Indian concept, the word itself means ‘Champu’ derived from Sanskrit which means to massage. The concept of herb shampoo was originally from India.

10 unknown facts about India
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8.Even men demand equal rights in India

Even men demand gender equality for themselves in some places in India.Some examples have men marrying a woman and moving to her house (his in-laws). In Minicoy, Lakshwadeep we can see these examples in Khasi and Matrilineal Muslims.

10 unknown facts about India
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9.Indians played a major role in the invention of Plastic Surgery

We Indians have a major major role to play in the invention and development of Plastic Surgery. Sushrut, the greatest ancient Indian surgeon made important contributions to the field of plastic and cataract surgeries in 6th Century BC. 

The medical work of both Charak and Sushrut are best to be learnt from. It was originally written in Sanskrit later translated and spread across the world. Many British Physicians have been travelled to India to see Rhinoplastics being performed through native methods.

10 unknown facts about India
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10.Dolphins are treated as ‘non-human persons ‘ in India

Dolphins are extremely intelligent animals and display a great sense of culture which is long believed to be unique to humans, but they’re being treated as non-humans.Now The Government of India has banned the captivation of dolphins and asked to rather treat them more like humans.

10 unknown facts about India
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