10 must-have medical gadgets to keep at home

Technology has come a long way in helping people. It has taken over all the sector of society be it offices, sports, entertainment or health sector. Almost on daily basis experts are experimenting and working hard to develop new technology which can benefit people.

Talking about the health sector, there have been major updates in the health gadgets developed by experts. Earlier it was limited to just hospitals but now people can access to some of the gadgets from home.

Gadgets for simple pain relief to chronic diseases has changed our life. Below are some must-have medical gadgets to keep at home.

  1. Medical Alert System

This gadget is best for elderly people who live alone and have some serious health condition issue. This gadget helps in the time of emergency such as medical issue, a fall, fire. This gadget helps in an immediate response.

10 must have medical gadgets
Photo: Harvard Health

2. Portable Gluten Meter

Some people suffer from celiac disease. These people are expected to have Gluten-free food and sometimes it becomes difficult to always check whether a food contains gluten or not. Nima, the portable gluten tester designed by the San Francisco-based startup is a lifesaver. One can test meals for gluten in just two minutes and can also share data with others.

10 must have medical gadgets
Photo: nima sensor

3. Oximeter

This gadget is very helpful for the regular check of pulses and flow of blood. Going to the hospital for the test might seem costlier than buying the oximeter. It is an easy, painless device to measure, how well oxygen is being sent to parts of your body furthest from your heart.

10 must have medical gadgets
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4. Blood Pressure Monitor

As the name suggests this device is used to measure the blood pressure of the human body. It consists of a cuff that’s wrapped around your arm and a monitoring device that measures the cuff’s pressure. It measures two pressures: systolic, and diastolic. One must have this at their home so that they don’t need to rush hospital to check blood pressure.

10 must have medical gadgets
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5. Glucometer

This device is used to measure glucose level or the sugar level in the body. This is analyzed by a blood drop from the tip of the finger. The needle is pricked into the finger to obtain the blood. The sugar level must be checked regularly and often recorded. This is a very nice device for diabetic patients.

10 must have medical gadgets
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6. Nebulizer

A nebulizer works as an oxygen mask who have breathing issues and are in sudden need of oxygen. Nebuliser converts a solution of medicine into a fine spray and the you can  breathe in the spray. It uses oxygen, compressed air and  ultrasonic power to break up the liquid drug.


10 must have medical gadgets
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7. Temporal Thermometer

The use of traditional thermometer can be quite time-consuming. Nokia Thermo can give an accurate temperature reading within a moment. It has 16 infrared sensors, Thermo measures temperature from the temporal artery. The temperature can even be scanned from forehead.

10 must have medical gadgets
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8. Sleep Monitor

There is always benefit of sleeping at night for atleast 8 hours. But sometimes it is difficult to track our sleep schedule. Sleep monitors like Nokia Sleep, Emfit, and Beddit Sleep Tracker can be placed under the pillow to track time spend in sleeping. It also tracks of your heart rate, breathing, snoring, movements.

10 must have medical gadgets
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9. AliveCor Personal ECG Monitor

It is an ECG Monitor that can give you a quick electrocardiogram reading to track your health anytime, anywhere. AliveCor has created a smartphone case for this purpose. There are two sensor points at the back of the case to place fingertip to get an accurate ECG reading in 30 seconds. If needed you can even print the report.

10 must have medical gadgets
Photo: Alive Cor

10.  Air Pollution Monitor

It’s difficult to maintain air quality in the outside but we can maintain The quality of indoor air can deteriorate at times doing activities like cooking, painting walls, using wood-fueled heaters, etc. Poor quality of air can effect the your health. You can install device called air pollution monitor which will supervise the quality of indoor air. So that you can take adequate measure on time

10 must have medical gadgets
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