45 Year Old Assaulted In Western Uttar Pradesh; Opposition Alleges Right-wing

A 45 year old man admitted to hospital after five men outside his home assaulted by five men at his home in Uttar Pradesh on Sunday.

Few days before similar case has been registered in the other part of the state. This mob-killing of a murder accused cases have increased in the state.

Sarvesh Diwakar, who is from the Scheduled Caste community has been assaulted as per claimed by Opposition parties.

The mishap occurred in the evening as per rumours and by the right-wing activists. Uttar Pradesh police denied this allegations but opposition still claims.

Mr Diwakar used to sell confectionary on a cart, living in a rented house in UP’s western part, MainPuri. He lives with his 16-year old daughter, who works as a domestic help and also studies in a school.

Reportedly, Diwakar sent his daughter back home because both had lost their job because of Covid19 Pandemic. It was getting difficult to survive because of extreme poverty.

But the rumour making rounds in locality that man sold his daughter. But police said that the probe can’t be decided on the basis of rumours.

Footage went viral of the assault shot from a distance, and also showed the five men kicking and slapping Diwakar on the terrace of his house. In the video, he seems to be begging Mercy for his life.

Political aspect

Samajhwadi Party shared the video and named right-wing group involved in this incident.

BSP leader Mayawati tweeted saying “Yesterday in UP, Sarvesh Kumar, a Dalit, was beaten to death in Mainpuri and similarly Gobind Chauhan in Maharajganj, Rajveer Maurya in Shahjahanpur, Wasid in Bareilly, Sudhir Singh in Kushinagar and Vinod Garg (Brahmin) in Banda. Incidents of shooting, killing etc. are very sad.”

She expressed her distress on the rising cases of killings, shootings and murders in the state.