45th President of United States of America, Donald Trump Bids Goodbye to “Amazing Four Years”

Donald Trump
Credits: WPLG Local 10

US President Donald Trump left the White House ahead of Joe Biden’s inauguration ceremony, bids goodbye for the final time to the United States of America. He is heading towards a military base from where he’ll fly to Florida. Breaking an official tradition of the US oath-taking ceremony, he’ll skip the inauguration ceremony of his successor Joe Biden.

US President Donald Trump, as we call it for the last time with the first lady Melania Trump walked a short red carpet and boarded Marine One on the White House lawn in Washington DC from where he’ll board Air Force One. While briefing media in a short interaction, Trump exclaimed that it has been an amazing four years and the honour of lifetime. He added, “I just want to say goodbye.”

Joe Biden and Kamala Harris will be sworn as the 46th President and the 49th Vice President of the United States of America respectively in few hours. Vice President Mike Pence and the second lady of US, Lady Pence bids goodbye from the official Twitter handle.

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