5 essential life skills hack for young India

Studying and skilling are no longer enough to secure your child’s future. In addition to academic excellence, children also need several life skills. Kattabomman’s school organized a productive workshop for parents on life skills coaching.


Photo: The Hindu

They invited two agencies to give online presentations. Parents on a voting basis had to choose one of them. The winning agency would get the contract to conduct life skills classes for students of the school, from Nursery to Class XII.

The first agency had a solid but rather traditional approach to life skills. They wanted to point on things like empathy, kindness, gender equity, and so on. 

The second agency began by listing out five life skills that they believed were essential for every Indian child to survive and grow in the future.

  • The first and most significant skill is the capacity to hate. The days of empathy and harmony are gone. In a polarised nation, If you want your child to rise to the top, you must teach her to hate, or at least be comfortable operating in an ecosystem of hate. If you can’t do that, your child will languish.
  • Second, every child must learn to lie. As the Indian market for falsehood has been growing at a rate of 56% — the fastest in the world. At the same time, the market for truth has faded. So you must think about it. Which is the more important life skill: respecting the truth or mastering the art of lying?”
  • Third, every child must know and learn to cheat. As fraud, especially financial and educational fraud, is a recession-proof industry in India. Surprisingly, cheating is not acknowledged as a core life skill even by the current regime in its latest National Education Policy. But we will try to plug this gap by training your child to become a world-class cheat.
  • The fourth skill is a bit controversial since children tend to learn this on their own, especially on the playground. It’s bullying, by the time kids grow up, the bullying of the weak and the marginalized will be India’s top recreation activity. Don’t ever let your kids miss out on that.  As our research-based curriculum on the best bullying practices will ensure that your child grows up into a big bully, be it at the workplace or on the road.
  • The fifth and last life skill without which the other four won’t take you far is the art of sucking up to power. No matter how great a bully your child is, there will always be a bigger bully. So kids must have the skill to deal with it — and this is where the art of sycophancy comes in.

The agency concluded by saying that for a reasonable fee, payable annually, they will train every child into an ideal citizen of New India who will make a positive contribution to society. Hence with this, the second agency won the contract.