6 important tips to keep your heart healthy

We, humans, love to keep our precious gifts safe and sound. But when it comes to our organs we take it for granted. The human heart beats approximately 2.5 billion times during an average lifetime. If a heartbeat skips even a single beat then the person won’t be able to survive.
We must not take our heart for granted rather we take care of it like a baby. Below are some tips that one should practice daily to keep oneself heart healthy:

1. Practice dental hygiene

Maintaining dental hygiene is directly related to keeping your heart healthy. If you brush daily you might not develop periodontal (gum) disease. As bacteria in our mouth can develop the gum disease-causing high risk of heart disease and it may even cause inflammation in vessels causing higher heart strokes.

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2. Maintain a healthy diet

Cholesterol and trans fat are one of the major reason for the increase in heart diseases. Trans fat known as bad cholesterol blocks the arteries, which degrade the flow of blood causing the higher risk of heart disease. Though, Fat is required for our body so one should consume unsaturated fat like nuts, avocado, olive oil and vegetable oil should be consumed to avoid heart disease.

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3. Manage Stress

As time has gone really hard from the past few years. The competition is growing day by day which is causing mental stress not only in youth but even on middle-age people. When a person is stressed, the body produces cortisol and adrenaline. Because of which, these hormones make our heart beat faster and narrow our blood vessels. If you over the come to the stress then you are good otherwise the stress can harm your arteries wall and damage your heart.

4. Exercise regularly

Practice exercising regularly as it manages your weight, stress and keeps our heart strong. If you follow an inactive lifestyle you are more likely to develop health problems. Exercising regularly decrease the chance of heart disease and manage chronic diseases. One may start with moderate exercise for 30 minutes a day and increasing the time with days. As it is said ‘ benefits of physical activities are endless’.

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5. Quit Smoking

Smoking might look cool for people but it’s very harmful to the lungs and may lead to an increase in heart diseases. On an average 7 million people die, our caused due to direct consumption of tobacco. While 1.2 million people death our caused due to secondhand smoke also known as ‘passive smoking’. If a person is smoking for years, still it’s not too late to quit smoking. The blood pressure will decrease and your heart rate will slow to a normal rate, after 20 minutes of quitting.

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6. Get Enough Sleep

With the increase in work, it is difficult to manage our sleeping hours. We take our sleep schedule for granted, a human body needs a minimum of 8 hours of sleep to keep on self healthy. Not taking proper sleep cause in inflammation of blood pressure which is directly related to our heart disease. So, one should take proper sleep to keep yourself healthy and fit.

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So, practice these six tips in your life daily and you will feel a lot of changes in your lifestyle. You will feel more healthy and you will be less prone to any type of heart disease.