7 Tips for eating healthy while working from home

It’s already been five months since we have stepped out of our house and gone to our workstation. Our home is our new workstation, and the kitchen has become our favorite hang out place.

Due to this lockdown, there has been a change in our lifestyle from working to eating to our sleep schedule. Now, people are working more hours than average days, and to maintain a healthy eating schedule, it’s been a significant task for an individual.

Below are a few tips that one can maintain while doing work from home:

1. Make a proper work station

Since, as you are working from home, one needs to be careful about the choice of the workstation. It would help if you never worked near the kitchen as you might be tempted with the thought of having food again and again. If you still think of going to the kitchen or near the fridge you can put a sign of ‘closed’.

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2. Schedule Your Meal

Having a proper schedule is very important for an individual, like we plan our work schedule similarly, we need to prepare our eating schedule. We should maintain a balanced diet, including all the necessary nutrients. Taking a meal on time can also help you in keeping fit. As eating food at the wrong time might give you a problem

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3. Keep Yourself Hydrated

When you start working, then there is not going back and taking a break. You might feel dehydrated and fatigue. So it is essential to keep drinking water from time to time.

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4. Keep Healthy Snacks around you

While you are working, it isn’t comforting if you move from your place again and again. So, keep your snacks around you the healthy one. This will give you the energy to work and concentrate on your work as you will not be empty stomach

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5. Consume Nut butter and Oily fish

They are a handy item to have around you. Nut butter is perfect for fats and nutrients, while oily fish has a rich source of Vitamin D.

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6. Avoid caffeine and junk food

Drinking cups of coffee would seem a great idea, but consumption of excess of caffeine can lead to headaches, anxiety, and even fatigue. Avoid eating junk food like chips, chocolates as they are not healthy for your immune.

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7. Don’t skip meal

The work schedule might turn very hectic, but don’t miss out on the food. As our body also needs the energy to keep us healthy and activated. So, have a meal on time.

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