A “ByeByeModi” billboard appears in Hyderabad before the BJP’s national executive meeting.  

Across Tivoli Cinema near Parade Ground in Secunderabad, a huge hoarding was placed in advance of the BJP’s national executive conference in Hyderabad on July 2 and 3, which will be attended by Prime Minister Narendra Modi and other cabinet members.

The #ByeByeModi hashtag was used on the hoarding, which also made mention of the demonetisation, removed farm laws, Agnipath plan, privatised public sector enterprises (PSUs), and the Union government’s response to the COVID-19 epidemic.

On June 29, Wednesday, Secunderabad Cantonment Board employees removed the hoarding after directions from the Begumpet police.

The hoarding was put up over night by unidentified individuals, according to a Secunderabad Cantonment Board supervisor who spoke to the media. You introduced agriculture rules and killed farmers, the writing on the hoarding said. What happened to the Rs 15 lakh you said you would deposit in everyone’s bank accounts? You shattered the backs of regular people by demonetizing their currency #ByeByeModi, the billboard said.