A Hand Gesture That Conveys “I am Being Abused, Help Me”, Watch Video and Share

Domestic Violence is one crime that has been flooding inside homes for ages. But COVID-19 was quite unfair to humans especially females at home. With the lockdown, almost everyone was jailed inside their houses leading to frustration and criminal heads parallelly.

Crimes such as homicide, sexual abuse, domestic violence passed the threshold. There have been cases where these crimes have compressed the victim to commit suicide as well. The Women’s Funding Network, an umbrella organization for funds and foundations that works in the field of women’s empowerment has come up with a hand gesture that might help these victims.

The hand gesture by the Women’s Funding Network is a simple hand movement that helps the victim to convey the message that she is suffering from domestic violence. Here are the steps to do it:

Step 1: Put the hand up, palm facing in front of the camera when on a Video Call.

Step 2: Place your thumb in the center of your palm horizontally.

Step 3: Wrap the thumb with four fingers making a fist.

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There are n number of services and help out there you can communicate to if you are a victim or find someone you know who is suffering. Suicides and self-harm are no option to put yourself out of assault.

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