A new ‘AI initiative’, Facebook trains its machines to understand videos

Into a thing that can turn out to be a significant breakthrough only if everything goes well. Facebook is now trying to develop artificial intelligence (AI) systems that could understand  videos like humans could. It has announced that its latest initiative is to train its AI on public videos of the  Facebook users’.

Facebook has already mastered  training  machine vision models on billions of images from Instagram and is not taking its first steps into making machines understand video.

“By learning from global streams of publicly available videos spanning nearly every country and hundreds of languages, our AI systems will not just improve accuracy but also adapt to our fast moving world and recognize the nuances and visual cues across different cultures and regions,” Facebook explained in a blog.
This project, called Learning from Videos, is a part of Facebook’s “broader efforts toward building machines that learn like humans do”.

Results from these machine learning models will be used to create new content recommendation systems and moderation tools, Facebook said, and can also be used to do more in the future.

In case  Facebook succeeds with AI that could understand videos it can give the company “unprecedented insight into users’ lives” and allow Facebook to analyze users’ hobbies, interests, preferences of brands and types of clothes etc.

Facebook already has access to information like this via the current ad-targeting operation it already has in place. But, as The Verge points out, “being able to parse video through AI would add an incredibly rich (and invasive) source of data to its stores”.

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