On Friday, US President Donald Trump commuted the Jail sentence of Former Advisor and long time ally Roger Stone. Stone is a Republican operative since 1970s and was few days away from 40 months imprisonment for crimes related to Russian Interference in 2011 US Presidential Elections.

In the Washington Post article, former US special counsel Robert Mueller said Stone was rightly accused and convicted of obstruction, witness tampering and lying to Congress.
Earlier, an inquiry led by widely admired former director FBI Robert Mueller focussed on alleged turmoil between Donald Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign team and Moscow reported that 10 instances where the President possibly obstructed justice.

According to the BBC, Special counsel had also indicated more than 30 people including four members of Trump’s campaign team, an advisor and long time ally plus 26 Russians as well as three Russian companies.

President Donald Trump wrote on Twitter announcing the Stone’s 40 month Jail sentence commutation saying he was the victim of a “witch-hunt”.

Reports have specified the fact that the presidential pardoning have been given to those who are supporting people from other countries and conservativism followers.

President’s move – sparing Stone from jail provoking condemnation of his decision by leading Democrats and few Republicans as well saying it is undermining and misusing Presidential pardoning powers of the Constitution.

But what persuaded US President to commute Stone’s sentence and set him free? Is that a propaganda by US President prioritizing self interest to pardon Stone diverting public attention to Russia probe from black lives matter issue?

The answer may lie in the Roger Stone’s four decade long relationship with Donald Trump whose being his personal political guru shaped his approach to politics calls as per Maxims as “Stone’s Rules”. Roger Stone has always been an unofficial, unpaid and undercover advisor to Trump.
Call it a ‘Russia hoax’ by US President but David Priess of National Review had said, “ Trump’s handling if the matter is indefensible. Self-parody is no defense”.

Not the first time, US President had also commuted former newspaper publisher and a close friend of US President, Conard Black’s 12 year jail sentence charged of fraud conviction. Later wrote a book full of flattery and praising the president.

Also commuted Alice Marie Johnson, a cocaine trafficking accused now she’s been utilised in the US elections for gaining mass Black American’s support to Trump.
US President is manipulating and overruling law and order of the states for self Interest. A big allegation is strengthening it’s root in this case.

According to a report in the New York Times, “Trump has used his presidential powers to issues pardons and commutations to many of his political allies, supporters and people with connections to his own circles – But Roger Stone is the first figure directly connected to presidential campaign to benefit from his clemency power.”
So, after 2011 and 2016, Stone is back in action now in 2020 with consistency. His approach will be more spectacular in the November US Presidential Elections.