A Woman Delivered Boy From Extra-Marital Affair, Mother-In-Law Burns Him Alive in Tamilnadu

An elder woman and his son were arrested for allegedly burning a baby boy delivered by her daughter-in-law from an extra-marital affairs in Tamilnadu.

This particular incident took place at Sankarankovil town in Tenkasi district on Wednesday. The almost half burnt body of a newborn Baby Boy was found by the locals on the theatre premises on Railway Feeder Road. A sniffer dog helped policemen to reach at the culprits house.

According to the reports by Times of India,  22-year-old Sankaragomathi had an extra-marital affair with village local namely Shankar due to which she became pregnant.

She tried aborting the child twice by having pills but remain unsuccessful both times. Eventually, she delivered her baby in the house around 2 am on Wednesday. But her mother-in-law wrapped the child in the clothes and burnt it as per reports added.

Her Mother-in-law were charged under section 315 (act done with intent to prevent a child being born alive, or cause it to die after birth) of the Indian Penal Code. Elder woman’s son and pregnant woman’s husband Shankar has been booked under section 109 (abetment of an offence). Both of them have been arrested.

Sankaragomathi, who got weak after delivery baby boy is getting treatment in Sankarankovil government hospital. Police assured that once she’ll be recovered, her statement will be recorded.