Ajmer Dargah’s Khadim Chishti threatens to kill Nupur Sharma, few days ago head of dargah said Indian Muslims will not allow Talibanization of the nation

A video showing Salman Chishti, the Khadim of the Ajmer Dargah, threatening to murder Nupur Sharma, the former BJP spokeswoman is going viral on social media sites on July 5.

In the video, Chishti—who has more than 13 charges against him, including murder and attempted murder—promised to give his house to anyone who brought Sharma’s head. Chishti is a history-sheeter. The Ajmer Police have opened a complaint about the situation.

Interestingly, the leader of the Ajmer Dargah, Zainul Abedin Ali Khan, recently asserted that Indian Muslims will not permit the Talibanization of the nation.

The video that Chishti posted resembles the one that was made before to the murder of Hindu tailor Kanhaiya Lal in Udaipur. According to reports, the video is about 4-5 days old. He was heard saying in the video, “I vow by my mother, I swear by my elders, I will shoot her in the open. I pledge to my kids that I would gift this house to whoever brings Nupur Sharma’s head.

Additionally, he attempted to encourage Muslims while describing himself as a “real soldier of Khwaja.” According to sources, on June 17, during a quiet march outside the Dargah, Khadim Gauhar Chishti of the Ajmer Dargah delivered a controversial speech and the slogans “Gustakh-e-Rasool ki ek hi saza, sar tan se juda” were hoisted.

“The inquiry has been commenced in the matter after a FIR was lodged under the relevant Sections of the Indian Penal Code,” added Additional Superintendent of Police Vikas Sangwan.

Fascinatingly, Ajmer Dargah Deewan Zainul Abedin Ali Khan stated that Muslims in India will never permit the Talibanization attitude to become the norm in the nation following the death of Kanhaiya Lal.

He stated, “No faith encourages violence against mankind. All of the teachings of the religion of Islam, in particular, serve as sources of peace. In the horrifying video that went viral online, some unethical people brutally attacked a poor man, which is considered a vice punishable in the Islamic culture.”

The Dargah’s leader preaches about promoting peace while the Khadims of the Dargah incite Muslims to murder Nupur Sharma.