Amazon driver saves 12-year-old schoolgirl from horrific injury in Thane   

On Friday morning, a schoolgirl was saved from terrible injury by an Amazon delivery driver, a school watchman, and a local Thane resident.

The event happened on Friday morning in torrential rain at Vasant Vihar Municipal School in Thane, Mumbai, according to the Free Press Journal. When the school’s metal fence came way while a 12-year-old girl was playing near it, a piece of it punctured her cheek. Her shouts alerted the school watchman and Ravi Bhandari, an Amazon delivery executive, who was biking close to the school.

Bhandari claims that when he heard the girl scream for aid, he immediately hopped off of his bike and ran towards her. He said to the Free Press Journal, “As I drew closer, I observed that a metal piece of the gate, which had been sticking out, had imbedded itself in the right side of the girl’s face, quite close to her eye. The girl was frightened, and she could have been injured more seriously if she had moved.”

Bhandari displayed incredible bravery and fast thinking by holding onto the metal gate for 30 minutes to make sure the schoolgirl wouldn’t get any further injuries. Pratik Salunke, a local citizen who lives across the street from the school, heard the disturbance and hurried out of his third-floor flat as soon as he heard it.

A team led by Dr. Mushtaq Khan arrived at the scene after Salunke and the school watchman asked a bystander to call the adjacent Vasant Vihar municipal hospital for assistance.

The child and her parents, who had already arrived at the school, were transported to the hospital after Dr. Khan was able to successfully remove the metal fragment buried in the girl’s face.

Following the event, Pratik Salunke wrote about it on Twitter and commended Amazon delivery driver Ravi Bhandari for helping to save the schoolgirl.