Amazon India introduces ‘Watch Party’ to Prime Video: Here is everything you need to know

The year 2020 has pushed us to make significant improvements in the way we live our lives. This means being away from our loved ones. In these situations, messaging and video conferencing applications such as Zoom, WhatsApp, and Messenger have enhanced their features to help more users communicate with their friends and family at a time. In addition to this, music services, such as Spotify, have launched new features so that users can simultaneously listen to their favorite tracks with their team. Amazon prime video has now taken a step in the same direction.

Amazon India has launched a new feature called the Watch Party in its Prime Video service that will encourage Prime Members to watch their favorite shows or movies with their whole gang while they remain apart.

To give you a short brief, the Watch Party feature offers a synchronized replay that is managed by the host. Participants can not only stream a file but can also interact with other participants. Up to 100 participants will watch a video in a session.

The main caveat is that all applicants must have either a Prime membership or a Prime Video subscription. Also, this feature is only included in the Prime Video Desktop application. This ensures that if you can watch a video with your friends using the Watch Party option when using the Prime Video Smartphone App.

If you have a Prime subscription, here is how you will use this function:

Step 1: Click the Watch Party button on your movie screen. You’ll find it in the TV show episode collection.

Step 2: Click the Watch Party button on your movie screen. You’ll find it in the TV show episode collection.

Step 3: Share a link between your Watch Party and up to 100 people. Your friends will join us by clicking on their links.

Step 4: Once they’re all prepared, launch your Watch Group. The host will perform, pause, and skip for the party.

Amazon had launched the Watch Party for Prime Customers in the US earlier. The company has now taken this feature to India. Amazon’s annual membership fee in India is 999. The monthly subscription fee, on the other hand, is at Rs129 a month.

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