Amazon Prime Video’s “No Fest Just Facts” Dig At Netflix’s 2 Day Free Streaming Offer

While Netflix’s social media accounts are filled with “streaming at capacity” messages as the weekend free days are still on process, Amazon Prime Video took a dig at Netflix (considered to its rival) by releasing a video at this offer. It shared a video captioning “No Fest Just Facts” which shows a couple saying Prime has 30 days free trial anyway. It took a fantastic jibe at the whole pandora of publicity Netflix has grabbed during the course of two days (yet to end) over the two days free streaming offer.

This video shows how a guy is planning what he’ll do and what he’ll watch during these two days and the couple sitting on the couch expressionless goes all ‘Big deal’ on him. Well people are loving this healthy relationship of one-upmanship which means it’s our gain.

Check the video here: 

The Amazon Prime Video vs Netflix war makes for great content on social media.

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