Amazon to support ‘Made-In-India’ chucking out the Chinese Toys

Bracing the Atmanirbhar Bharat vision by our Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, Amazon India on Wednesday, unveiled a toy store where  sellers from 15 Indian states will showcase ruck of toys representing the Indian Culture and promoting the hand-made commodities.

Amazon Toy

The launch of the toy store would help the local manufacturers along with the Indian market to grow chucking off the Chinese commodities from the market.

The criteria for the store to display the toys are Traditional Toy section showcasing the Chowka Bara, Pitthu/Lagori, Lattu (wooden spinning tops) and more.

Amazon Toy

The handmade section of the toy store will include the toys and dolls made by the artisans of various states like Channapatna, Thanjavur and Varanasi, and along with others to count.

The third section will have the toys having a logical and educational bend as DIY (do-it-yourself) Microscope, 4D Educational AR (augmented reality) game, science experiment kits and more.

Amazon Toy

The Indian companies behind the manufacturing of these products are Smartivity, Shumee, Skillmatics, Shifu, Einstein box, and to name a few.

Acknowledging the efforts, “I commend Amazon India’s efforts to feature local toys by launching a dedicated ‘Made in India’ toy store where the state’s vibrant toys from Channapatna will also be featured,” Karnataka Deputy Chief Minister C N Ashwath Narayana said in a statement.

Vice President, Amazon India, Manish Tiwary’s take on the concept was, “India is home to traditional arts, crafts and toys made by SMBs, artisans and craftsmen. These cohort of sellers will benefit with accelerated growth due to spike in demand for their products with the launch of this new store”.

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