An Archive Revealed: NFAI discovers a Rare Reel on the making of Pakeezah

The all-time favorite of all fellow Cinephiles remembered the renowned actress Meena Kumari on her death anniversary. And in the recent turn of events, the National Film Archives of India (NFAI) discovered a hidden easter egg. A Rare 18-minute footage in 16mm of the making of Kamol Amrohi’s iconic film  Pakeezah, titled ‘Pakeezah- Rang Branag’.


It is now an addition to the archives, for future preservation.

The footage includes rare visuals of the 15-year long journey of Pakeezah, from its inception to release. The highlight of the footage is the visuals from the popular song, ‘Inhin Logon Ne’, which was shot in black and white in the early period of the shooting of the film. Meena Kumari can be seen dancing to different choreographed sequences. As per the visuals, this was one of the first sequences to be shot, and the clapper board shows the date as 16th July 1956.


The footage also includes Mohammed Rafi Qawalli number ‘Jaye to Jaye Kaha, Ab Ye Tere Deewana’, which was not included in the released film. The other visuals include the scenes of the premiere of the film held at Maratha Mandir in Bombay on 4th February, 1972.

Prakash Magdum, Director, NFAI said, “The preliminary inspection reveals that the film is heavily scratched and colors are faded. We are trying our best to salvage the material so that it can be made accessible to the audience”.



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