Anti Mask Campaign by youth activists, watch video here

Young ‘Civil Rights Activists’ have started an Anti-Mask Campaign in India, convinced that COVID-19 is a government conspiracy.  Through a video, the youths have claimed that the mask is about getting people under control as a part of a ‘psychological operation’. Trashing the tried and tested logic & scientific research behind the use of the mask, they are encouraging others to boycott face masks as well.

Here is a link to the video: Anti-Mask Campaign by ‘Activists’

In an attempt to bolster their argument, they stated, “Today it is a mandatory mask, tomorrow it’s a mandatory vaccine, a digital ID and the list goes on! We have to stop things from becoming mandatory! Do not give up your freedom and rights for the illusion of Health and Safety.”

The USA does not have a mandatory mask policy to curb the spread of the Coronavirus,  because of the movements led by the libertarian strains of the American polity, campaigning hard against a mandatory mask policy. It is safe to assume that this is indeed what might have inspired these youth.

Joe Biden had recently called for a nationwide mandatory mask mandate, much to the dismay of widespread sections of the American population, as it is one of the only ways to prevent the spread of the virus.

Even after all the deaths and an increase in the cases due to the COVID-19 pandemic, linking the mandatory wearing of masks to political matters such as personal rights appears petty. The movement is not supported by any evidence yet, if anything, after making such proclamations people appear to be only risking their personal health and the health of others.