Apple’s iOS 14 will impact our business: Facebook

Facebook is displeased with Apple’s iOS 14 software update that will start coming out to users across the world in a couple of months. The latest version of Apple‘s iPhone operating system has one feature that could potentially damage the social network’s business model, at least among those using iOS devices.

Once on the latest version of the software, Apple will give users the choice to decide whether they can be tracked across apps using a unique identifier.

At WWDC, Apple’s annual developer conference, the company announced that with iOS 14, users will get a pop up asking them if they want to be tracked by a specific app.

Since the users will get the freedom to say no, it will also cut the amount of data collected by Facebook about a specific user with the help of unique identifiers.

While this will help preserve consumer privacy, for apps like Facebook it will reduce the effectiveness of ad campaigns via its Audience Network.

What’s IDFA? 

Identifier for Advertisers is the random device identifier Apple assigns to an iPhone across apps. These Advertisers like Facebook, are used to deliver and track customised advertising.

For Eg: if someone is shown an ad to download a game on Facebook, this helps authenticate if the same device finally ended up downloading the app. However, Apple does this without identifying the user itself. This is also used to track the effectiveness of mobile advertising campaigns as well.