Argentine Sculptor, Toledo is Making “Pain into Beauty” Produced by The Corona Curse

One of the major snags of the COVID-19 Pandemic is the non-biodegradable waste discharge while taking precautions. Marcelo Toledo who is an Argentine Sculptor wishes to create new art out of the syringes, masks, and other waste that has been baggage to humankind.

Pain into beauty': Argentine sculptor turns pandemic waste into art
Credits: Yahoo Finance

He usually creates jewelry out of metal. Toledo has also made jewelry pieces for the musical “Evita” on Broadway and unique pieces for Barack Obama and Madonna. He was the first in Argentina to get hospitalized with pneumonia due to COVID-19.

The eight days on bed triggered his senses and it came out into art forms from a 14-meter mask with the Argentine flag that he placed on the iconic Obelisk in Buenos Aires. He left a message about organ donation and its significance during the pandemic.

Credits: Gulf Today

Toledo’s latest exhibition will have the art forms and he is collecting Corona-produced wastes from hospitals, laboratories, and random people. The wastes include old vaccines, medical discharges, newspaper clipping relating to the COVID-19.

“I am excited to be able to transform pain into beauty and this exhibition is just that, capturing everything that is happening to us as a society,” Toledo told Reuters in his workshop in the San Telmo district, Buenos Aires.

The artwork will be set out in public in September. “It is the first time that I do an exhibition in which I do not have to buy any of the elements,…It will all be enclosed or put in capsules because we should never forget this. So the idea is that everything can be preserved over time” he told.

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