Army Chief gave hints of transgressions with China if talks fail

On Monday Chief of Defence Staff (CDS) General Bipin Rawat stated that India definitely has the provision of “military options” to deal with the China on the issue of transgressions.

He gave a hint that If mutual talks between both the countries at the military and diplomatic level doesn’t yield result anything then there’ll be probability of matter going on army’s front.

Bipin Rawat said on India-China ongoing fight in Eastern Ladakh, “The military option to deal with transgressions by the Chinese Army in Ladakh are on but it will be exercised only if talks at the military and the diplomatic level fail.”

Since April-May India and China are engrossed in a standoff border disputes over the transgressions by the Chinese Army in multiple areas including Finger area, Galwan valley, Hot springs and Kongrung nala.

The talks between the two sides resulted with disappoinment and still have been going on for the last three months including five Lieutenant General-level talks.

The CDS rejected to discuss in detail the military options that India could exercise to push back the transgressions by the Chinese Army in Ladakh sector.

The Chinese Army has refused to withdraw or disengage completely from the Finger area and seems to be buying time to delay its disengagement from there.

Efforts are ongoing to resolve the underway border dispute, India has refused the Chinese suggestion to not envolve equidistantly from the Finger area in Eastern Ladakh.

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