Asteroid 11 ES4 is all set to come close to planet Earth

Keeping distance with the Earth, many asteroids pass or come and go but one is daring to come close to the planet – closer than moon on September 1.

Scientists recognized it namely as Asteroid 11 ES4 so the space rock will be mere 121,000 kilometers from the Earth as it shoots past the planet next week.The moon is 384,400 kms far away from the Earth.

This asteroid will be the last one in this decade to come closer to the Earth. Another asteroid will 2008 DB will come within the same distance of the earth only after 2032, basically in another decade.

The Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) database shows that the asteroid has made eight close approaches since 1987 but none as intimate as next week.

Focus points 
  • Asteroid 11 ES4, which is approaching the Earth will be closer to the planet than even the Moon on September 1.
  • This will be the asteroid’s closest proximity to the planet till date.
  • The next asteroid who will get this close to Earth will only show up 12 years down the line
Asteroid 11 ES 4’s closest approach 
Date Distance from Earth
10 September 1987 20,368,150 kms
27 February 1994 39,115,642 kms
23 September 2004 65,568,944 kms
13 March 2011 4,268,643 kms
27 November 2011 55,565,337 kms
10 September 2012 26,499,097 kms
4 March 2019 22,653,322 kms
14 December 2019 55,773,685 kms

The asteroid will not affecting earth and it’s surface.

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