Ayodhya’s New Mosque Will Have The Exact Dimensions As That Of Babri’s

“We have decided that the mosque, including its inner courtyard, will be exactly 15,000 square ft, which was the size of the Babri Masjid when it was demolished in 1992,” replied Trust spokesperson and secretary Athar Hussain.

Babri Masjid, IS: The Asian Times

“We are working to make the hospital like a private facility in terms of services and efficiency and like a government facility in terms of expenses for people. Because of the pandemic, the thought of building a hospital came to us. We would like the hospital to have a centre for heart patients, and also one for treatment of cancer patients where chemotherapy can be done,” Hussain added.

“We have given the inputs regarding requirements for the hospital to our architect, Professor S M Akhtar,” he said. 

Hussain said Akhtar has given inputs concerning the design of the buildings at the decided position in Dhannipur village. “There is a shrine in the middle of the five-acres plot. The shrine and the way leading up to it is right in the centre of the five acres land is splitting the land. So, Mr Akhtar has said a few difficulties may be faced in the construction… The mosque has a rule that it must face the west (facing towards Kaaba sharif). That is another issue in the construction,” Hussain informed.

He continued that the architect said that he would be sending a team for retaking measurements of the land.

Hussain informed that the Trust has requested retired JNU professor Pushpesh Pant to curate the museum. “We will be calling it an archive. We have invited Professor Pant to curate the archive where the focus will be on food, since we feel that food reflects the true confluence of the Indo-Islamic culture,” he said.