Bad Oral hygiene can boost Cancer risks says Study

Well, Do we even realize that in day today life negligence towards Oral Health can destroy our well-being. Everyone knows that brushing and flossing teeth is one of the best and the only simple way to avoid cavities.

But we don’t realize the wider implications of these negligence we do everyday to invite health disasters. As it is pointed out here in the report of Harvard University, Oral hygiene and health is related to several life-threatening health ailments such heart disease, dementia, arthritis, pneumonia, pregnancy complications, and more.

Now according to a study which is published in a journal BMJ has revealed one of the startled fact : failing to regularly floss is associated with an increased risk of not one, but two types of cancer. 

Two Types of Cancer :

Oral Health
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  • Esophageal Cancer : Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health and their group studied on the patients history of periodontal disease, tooth loss and risks and found out two types on cancer. Cancer of the tube that runs from the throat to the stomach (oesophagus). Smoking and poorly controlled acid reflux are significant risk factors for oesophageal cancer.

    Oral health
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  • Gastric Cancer : Cancer that occurs in the stomach. Risk factors may include smoking and a diet of highly processed or salty foods.

After reviewing the records 98,459 women from the Nurses Health Study and 49,685 man from Health Professional follow up study found it. There are several periodontal disease associated with 43% risk of esophageal cancer, and a 52 percent increased risk of gastric cancer.

The risk seems to be higher for patients who lost one or more than two teeth. There is a connection between periodontal disease pathogens and esophageal Cancer.They also pointed to the presence of nitrate-reducing bacteria in cases of advanced periodontal disease which causes gastric Cancer.

So next time if your dentist advices to brush your teeth and take care of dental health,Take it to heart.