Bangladeshi Hajj pilgrim arrested in Saudi Arabia for begging

A Bangladeshi Haj pilgrim was apprehended by Saudi Arabian authorities last week after they discovered him begging for money in Madina. According to claims in Bangladeshi media, citing the nation’s religious affairs ministry, the man known as Matiar Rahman was released after the Bangladesh Hajj Mission in Saudi Arabia struck an agreement.

In Saudi Arabia, begging is forbidden.

According to reports, Matiar was detained on June 22 but was immediately freed by the Bangladesh Hajj Mission. On social media, the story of the crippled man’s arrest—he has no hands—went global.

The religious affairs ministry has handed a show cause notice to the airline, claiming that the event “seriously harmed” the image of Bangladesh in Saudi Arabia. The Meherpur resident had travelled to the Hajj with Dhansiri Travel Air Service, according to The Daily Star on July 26.

“Matiar Rahman was begging on the street, pretending that his money had been snatched. Dhansiri Travel Air Service has not arranged accommodation for this pilgrim. At the same time, there was no muallim to guide this pilgrim,”The show cause letter included a quotation from the ministry.

Meanwhile, intriguing information about the individual has surfaced in the Bangladeshi media.

According to a Dhaka Tribune article, Matiar is referred to as “Montu Dakaat” in his home hamlet of Sindurkouta, Meherpur. The Bengali term for robber is “dakaat.” He supposedly formerly belonged to a gang of thieves but fled after he lost his hands.

However, according to his older brother Atiar Rahman, the father of four is a rich guy. The article claims that Matiar lives in Sindurkouta, where he also has a number of land holdings.

His villagers claimed that he has a habit of begging and often earns a lot of money doing it since he travels overseas specifically for the purpose is another shocking discovery.