#BanTandavNow and #BoycottTandav Trends on Twitter, Netizens Calls Amazon Series as “Anti-Hindu”

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The political drama starring Saif Ali Khan, Dimple Kapadia, Zeeshan Ayub, Gauhar Khan and others released on Amazon Prime Video on January 15 has opened a pandora of controversial views. #BanTandavNow trends on Twitter blaming the makers of the show for allegedly mocking ‘Hindu Gods’ through the series Tandav.

Netizens on Twitter are using hashtags such as #BanTandavNow and #BoycottTandav labelling the series as ‘Anti-Hindu’. Some of the scenes in the series categorically one in which actor Mohammed Zeeshan Ayub, who is playing the role of a student politician appears as Lord Shiva. The accusations of misinterpretation and allegedly hurting religious sentiments were put forward by the viewers.

Netizens Reaction on Twitter


Questions on Makers

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