Be aware of ‘Electric Bug Swatter’, it can burn your house

Can Electric Bug swatter really burn your house? A 80-yr old man blows his house away, while trying to catch a house fly with Electric Bug Swatter.

This incident took place in the Dordogne village of Parcoul-Chenaud, north east of Bordeaux, on Friday. While the man was having his dinner. He was irritated by the fly and decided to kill the fly with Electric Bug Swatter.

But, mans plan did not workout on the fly and back fired him as there was a gas leak in the kitchen and the electronic device ignited fire. He was immediately rushed to Hospital in Libourne and was recovering after being injured in the hand.

Electric Bug Swatter
Photo: Cork’s96FM

“On this occasion, gas was leaking into the man’s house. The man’s house. The very hot zapper ignited the gas,causing a sudden explosion. The man was lucky to get away with a burned hand after diving on the floor, but the kitchen was destroyed along with part of the roof.” Investigators said

Precautions to take while using ‘Electric Bug Swatter’

  1. While using the device to kill house-fly, be careful that you avoid contact with your body because it might give you shock.
  2. Before using the swatter make sure there is no gas leakage around you and then use the device to avoid any sort of accident.