Bengaluru woman’s chat with homeowner on why she was denied a house goes viral   

Due to her religious convictions, a Bengaluru woman looking for a property was turned down by homeowners.

On social media, the woman, going by the name of Haifa, posted brief clips of her interaction with the home owner.

“If everyone is done celebrating the 75th anniversary of independence, here is how I spent my Aug 15th. #bangalore #househunting,” Haifa tweeted.

The post has gone viral on twitter and attracted a lot of attention.

“With all due respect, Hafia the same happens to the other community folks searching homes in minority dominated areas. My brother faced this issue while searching a home in Hyderabad. Being a Sikh, he was upfront rejected, this area is only for humare quom waalo ke liye,” one twitter user replied to her tweet.

Another user replied, “What’s wrong there? The landlord does not want to be troubled by your non veg smells wafting through his home. Even if he does not reside in the immediate neighborhood, he considers non-vegetarian food in his property as sacrilegious. What is your argument?”