BlackBerry 5G phones are coming next year with a physical keyboard


Photo: Tek Deeps

The BlackBerry phones are set to make a comeback in the first half of 2021, and this time, the phones will be exclusively made by US-based security startup OnwardMobility.

With its manufacturing partnership with TCL ending this month, it was assumed that there will be no more blackberry phones, but there’s new hope now.

It is confirmed that the new BlackBerry phones will be 5G, but there is no hint about how many new phones will be launched.

The BlackBerry phones have been well known for the focus on security.

OnwardMobility announced that the new BlackBerry phones they are developing will be the “most secure mobile devices ever created”.

OnwardMobility CEO Peter Franklin has announced agreements with Blackberry and FIH Mobile Limited. The companies will work together to make the new 5G Android smartphone with a physical keyboard.

OnwardMobility is all set to conduct product planning and market development for Blackberry smartphones in North America.  FIH Mobile will focus on designing and manufacturing the Blackberry devices.

“As an exclusive supplier to OnwardMobility, we’re committed to providing new BlackBerry 5G devices to market, utilizing our deep expertise in design, manufacturing, component supply, and logistics management,” FIH Mobile, executive director, Dr.Wen-Yi Kuo said.