‘Blackbuck case’: Lawyer who fought case against Salman Khan kills cop with speeding car  

From Jodhpur, Rajasthan, news of a tragic occurrence is emerging. A police officer was killed after being struck by a car in an incident that happened late night.

According to media accounts, the hit-and-run driver was a lawyer who fought a case against Salman Khan in court (Salman Khan Blackbuck Poaching Case). This terrible occurrence occurred when the automobile struck the barriers there, causing the police officer who was stationed there to fall to the ground and get run over by the vehicle.

The injured police officer was taken to AIIMS, but doctors were unable to save his life. The attorney, who was opposing Salman Khan in the blackbuck poaching case, has been taken into custody. In this case, he was arguing on behalf of the Bishnoi community in court. This lawyer’s name is Mahipal Bishnoi.

According to information provided by Jodhpur police to a news outlet, this police constable’s name is Ramesh Saran. The police have confirmed that they were stationed within Kudi Bhagatasani police station’s boundaries. In this event, which happened at night, an automobile was travelling at 120 mph when the driver lost control of the vehicle. When the train crossed the divider, Ramesh Saran was there waiting with a torch. They were directly adjacent to the partition. Ramesh, who was nearby and was standing on the side when the car hit the barriers, collapsed to the ground. The accelerating automobile passed them and collided with the divider.

Even after being admitted to the hospital, Ramesh’s life could not be saved. After the collision, a complaint was reportedly filed under section 279, 304A, according to the police. Mahipal Bishnoi is having a physical examination. Mahipal represents the Bishnoi people in the current Kalveet Shikar lawsuit against Salman Khan.