Bobby Deol predicted Corona Virus in 1997. His ‘RT-PCR’ Test On Aishwarya Rai is proof

Social Distancing, Face Masks, Lockdown, nasal swabs were of no significance to humankind. Last year, we were still grappling with the new normal, yet now it is just a part of our lives.

But nobody in the nation could witness Bobby Deol’s level of intellect towards the pandemic. He knew it all along, yet we kept ignoring it. A video clip of Bobby Deol practicing all the measures of self-protection against Corona Virus, and best of all, putting a substance, resembling a nasal-swab in his co-actor Aiswarya Rai’s nose has created a meme fest!

It is an RT-PCR Test, which Lord Bobby Deol knew several years before!


The look on Aishwarya’s face was enough proof that Bobby Deol was already a certified doctor! This scene was from Aishwarya Rai and Bobby Deol’s film, Aur Pyaar ho Gaya (1997)‘, over two decades before today’s Nasal Swab’s invaded our lives.



This isn’t the first time that the Internet found that Lord Bobby has been manipulating the sands of time. Earlier, his picture of rocking the Apple Airpods in 2008 went viral, sending his fans into a frenzy.

The still was from Bobby Deol’s film, ‘Chamku (2008)’, suggesting that the actor was way ahead of his time. In the viral tweet, Bobby was seen using TWS Earphones ‘Apple AirPods, a device that was launched only in 2016.



The Internet even touted him as the third umpire after a video of him dancing with gestures like Umpires went viral.


It is indeed true, that Lord Bobby Deol is the messiah of time, who manipulates the sands of time, according to his own accord.




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