Boy used nude pictures to blackmail girl, asked to adopt Islam and to wear hijab, arrested by Tamil Nadu police

TAMIL NADU: At the age of thinking about their career, a 21- year old man has been arrested by the Tamil Nadu police for blackmailing a Dalit Hindu woman over nude pictures and demanded her to convert her religion to Islam.

Accused has been identified as Iman Hameef. Iman was an instagram friend of the victim then they became good friends and started living together. Iman always secretly check victim phone even he control girls smartphone through which he posted victim intimate pictures on social media.

He has also sent compromising images of victims to his relatives and friends by using Whatsapp. Iman threatened the victim that if she did not convert to islam he will share more of his intimate pictures not only on social media but with he family and friends as well.

Iman Haneef also forces the victim to follow his religion and to wear a burqa and a hijab and pray on Fridays on more than 1 occasion.

Victim said: “Iman had initially insisted on getting married immediately. He said we would do a Nikkah and told me he would enroll me in a Madrassa (Islamic school). I resisted these plans.”

He often comes home drunk, abuse me for being a member of the SC/ST community. He has even taken my gold earrings and mortgaged them by claiming that his father was unwell. She added

“When I refused to convert my faith, he asked me why I had so much pride despite belonging to the community I belonged to?”.

He even threatened my parents and relatives saying that he would kill me. Aggrieved by his constant physical and psychological abuse, victim finally registered an FIR against the accused in Nallur district of Tirupur