BSF neutralizes a “Pakistani infiltrator” in Jammu’s R S Pura area  

Monday morning, the BSF reported killing a Pakistani invader in the Baquarpur region of the R S Pura sector of Jammu and Kashmir.

A representative for the Border Security Force said that about 12:10 a.m., vigilant personnel in the vicinity of Baquarpur Border Out Post saw unusual activity over the fence. “During the night, our domination party saw a Pakistani approaching the border barrier forcefully with the aim to cross,” he added.

The BSF troops pleaded with the guy to halt, but he ignored them and proceeded to approach the wire. “With no other choice, our forces fired three shots at the invader, causing him to fall instantly in front of the fence,” he continued.

Later, a BSF search team investigated the area and discovered the Pakistani intruder’s corpse fairly near to the border. According to the spokeswoman, nothing was retrieved from him, and the corpse has been turned over to the police for disposal.