CBSE not releasing results in June, Class 10th 2022 results likely to be released on July 4, Class 12 results on July 10: Report

Central Board of Secondary Education, CBSE Result 2022 are eagerly awaited. The Board is anticipated to release the Class X results around July 4 and the Class XII results around July 10, 2022, according to sources in the ministry of education.

While the majority of school boards have released the Class XII results, the delay has had an impact on potential students seeking for admission in India and overseas. Additionally, CBSE has not yet provided any information on the dates or the verification or re-evaluation process.

According to the information that has been obtained, it appears that the board is now in the process of obtaining data on the students who missed the exam due to COVID or other similar circumstances. The term 1 and term 2 weighting is another planned project for the board.

Mr. Debashish, senior CBSE Coordinator, explained the hold-up by stating that results might take another week or 10 days. The decision about the weighting of Terms 1 and 2 is what has caused the most delay in the announcement of the CBSE Results. The board is anticipated to gather the findings for classes 10 and 12 before making a judgement. The evaluation procedure for Class 12 is soon to conclude, so it’s probable that the decision will be made the following week, the speaker said.

The board examinations were split into two sections by CBSE, exposing students and schools to a seven-month test schedule that included two boards, two pre-boards, and practicals. The first term, which was held in November and December 2021, required the students to respond to objective questions. Additionally, it took the CBSE more than three months to release the results, despite concerns from candidates and teachers regarding the impartiality of the examination process.