Chandrayaan-2 Completes A Year Around Moon, Enough fuel for 7 years: ISRO


Photo: Orfonline

India’s second lunar mission Chandrayaan-2 completed one year in lunar orbit around the moon on Thursday.

Space agency ISRO said that all instruments are currently performing well and there is enough onboard fuel to keep it operational for about seven more years.

Chandrayaan-2 was launched on July 22, 2019, and inserted into the lunar orbit on August 20, exactly one year ago.

“Though the soft-landing attempt was not successful, the orbiter, which was equipped with eight scientific instruments, was successfully placed in the lunar orbit. The orbiter completed more than 4,400 orbits around the Moon,” the space agency said.

ISRO in a statement said the spacecraft was healthy and the performance of subsystems normal.

“The orbiter is being maintained in 100 +/- 25 km polar orbit with periodic orbit maintenance (OM) maneuvers,” it added.

Chandrayaan-2 mission was India’s first attempt to make a soft landing of a rover on the unchartered South Pole of the lunar surface.

However, the lander Vikram hard-landed in September last year.

India’s first lunar mission Chandrayaan-1, launched in 2008  is credited with finding the extensive presence of surface water and the indication for subsurface polar water- ice deposits.


The space agency is also working on Chandrayaan-3, the country’s third moon probe, and it is expected to be launched in 2021.