China Calls India’s Fresh Move To Ban 43 Apps ‘Violation Of WTO Rules’

China categorically stated that India’s decision to ban 43 Chinese Mobile App is unjustified especially on the grounds of security as it violates the rules and regulations of World Trade Organisation (WTO) on Tuesday. Indian government freshly authorized a ban on 43 Chinese Mobile App on Tuesday citing reasons of border disputes and security between two countries in Ladakh sector of the Line of Actual Control (LAC). It has been done for the fourth time since border stand-off in May sparked off and with this Chinese origin apps banned by India gone up to 267.

Chinese app ban
Credits: Twitter

Chinese embassy spokesperson Ji Rong in her statement said, “We firmly oppose the Indian side’s repeated use of ‘national security’ as an excuse to prohibit some mobile apps with Chinese background.” China called on India to withdraw the ban on the ground as it went up against WTO.

“We hope the Indian side provides a fair, impartial and non-discriminatory business environment for all market players from various countries, including China, and rectify the discriminatory practices violating WTO rules,” she said. She said furthermore, it was required that overseas Chinese companies “abide by international rules, operate in compliance with laws and regulations and conform to public order and good morals”.

She added, “Both sides should bring bilateral economic and trade relations back to the right path for mutual benefit and win-win results on the basis of dialogue and negotiation.” India initially banned 59 Chinese origin apps on June 29, banning 47 more on July 28, adding 118 more on September 2 and now 43 apps on November 24. Apps which has Chinese origin banned by India on Tuesday includes China’s online shopping e-commerce giant Alibaba’s AliExpress app.

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