Christian man in Pakistan who said ‘Jesus is supreme’ gets sentenced to death for ‘blasphemy’  

A Pakistani court has sentenced to death a Christian mechanic Ashfaq Masih who was booked for blasphemy nearly five years ago.

A report in The Friday Times said that Ashfaq Masih was arrested in June 2017 after an argument with a customer over the payment for his services.

As per details, the Muslim man had an argument with Christian man after he refused to pay the latter Rs 40 for fixing his cycle

Later, the Muslim man asked Masih to consider a discount for him as he was a devotee of Prophet Muhammad

In a reply, Masih refused to offer any discount and stated that he was a Christian and believed that Jesus Christ was the last Prophet.

After Masih’s statement, Pakistan police arrested him on charges of blasphemy

However, after five long years, a Lahore court sentenced Masih to death after convicting him on charges of blasphemy

Last month, a court in Bahawalpur had acquitted five members of a Hindu family who were arrested a year ago on allegations of blasphemy.

Pakistan is among the countries where blasphemy is punishable by death