Congress March To Rashtrapati Bhavan Stopped, Delhi Police Detains Priyanka Gandhi & Other Leaders

Congress leader Priyanka Gandhi Vadra along with the other party leaders were taken into custody while they were marching towards Rashtrapati Bhavan to submit the memorandum containing 2 crore signatures seeking his need to intervene in the centre’s enacted farm laws and the ongoing protest against it.

Similar incident happened in the past where Congress march to Rashtrapati Bhavan was stopped by the police. According to the media reports of ANI, Priyanka Vadra said, “Any dissent against this govt is classified as having elementof terror. We are undertaking this march to voice our support for the farmers.”

When got stopped from being protesting she said, “We’re living in democracy & they are elected MPs. They have the right to meet the President & they should be allowed. What is the problem with that? Government is not ready to listen to voices of lakhs of farmers camping at the borders.”

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