Coronavirus Updates: India crosses 2M mark, CSIR to test airborne transmission of Covid19

The spread of the novel coronavirus in India has increased over the most recent couple of days with new cases of Covid-19 and passings announced each day. The epidemic has extended its footprint in the nation and has affected more than 20 lakh individuals since the main positive case was affirmed on January 30 in Kerala.

Meanwhile, CSIR has decided to collect the air samples from intensive care units, hospital corridors, waiting rooms, and several other places to test in its advanced laboratories whether the airborne transmission is contributing to the Covid19 pandemic.

239 scientists from 32 countries have collaborated on researching airborne transmission and evidence to prove that microdroplets are playing an important role in spreading the pandemic.

On July 5, India outperformed Russian to turn into the third most noticeably terrible hit nation by the coronavirus, globally. Unbeatable record of 62,538 new patients under the most recent 24 hours, the Union Health Ministry said at the beginning of the day is alarming.

It took three weeks for the nation’s COVID check to twofold; the count had crossed 10 lakh cases on July 17. An aggregate of 41,585 COVID-connected cases have been accounted until this point; 886 patients have kicked the boundaries since yesterday. More than 13.78 lakh patients have been found all over the country since the start of the pandemic, and as the health ministry administration’s information shows; the recovery rate remained at 67.98 percent till today.

Developments have taken place in Coronavirus cases during the last months as well but it not in India. Five states have been recorded with the highest number of cases in India includes Maharashtra (11,514), Andhra Pradesh (10,328), Tamilnadu (5,684), Uttarpradesh (4,586). Deaths reported in these states are in Maharashtra 316 people died followed by 93 in Karnataka, 72 in Andhra Pradesh, 110 in Tamilnadu, 61 in Uttarpradesh since yesterday. Among all the states, Maharashtra continues to hold it’s placed as a prime hotspot on Covid19 with the biggest single-day jump on Thursday. More than 16,000 deaths have been reported out of 4.79 lakh cases.