Coronavirus will vanish before 1918’s Spanish flu : WHO Chief

WHO chief optimistically told media that the world will be a far better place soon even before the time took to control Deadliest Spanish Pandemic.

The World Health Organization (WHO) on Friday said,” We hope that planet will get rid of the coronavirus pandemic in less than two years.”

WHO Chief added, ” The world also now has the advantage of far better technology.”

“We hope to finish this pandemic before less than two years,” Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus told reporters from the WHO’s headquarters in Geneva.

He Insisted that it is definitely possible to slow down the novel coronavirus faster than the deadliest 1918 pandemic.

He compared the world today is at a disadvantage due to its “globalization, closeness, connectedness”.

According to him there has been responsible and have allowed the novel coronavirus to spread around the world at lightning speed as he acknowledged.

Deadliest Pandemic

But the deadliest pandemic in modern history, Spanish flu, killed as many as 50 million victims and infected around 500 million around the world between February 1918 and April 2020.

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