Country safe for re-opening while 80,000 plus cases pour everyday?

As we plan to enter Unlock 4.0, India will be seeing some major changes or relaxations in the lockdown measures imposed to curb the ongoing spread of coronavirus.

After the pandemic took a hold over the whole world, it was technically a complete ‘SHUT DOWN’ causing immense complicacies to all.

In the case of India and many other countries, transportation and places of gathering were eventually vacated as the government exercised a lockdown. Schools, colleges, offices everything was officially shut.

Only some metros and few buses were in service, that too for very specific periods of time and only for selected people like doctors, police and all those individuals serving on the frontlines by helping the government in fighting against this virus and helping those in need of basic amenities in such dire times.

Gradually after July some restaurants, food joints and hotels were given permission to run their businesses given that they’d follow a set of stringent rules and procedures to provide people with food supplies.

Only grocery stores, chemist shops, dairies and factories etc of the same which catered to the basic needs of people were open to run their businesses.

But now the situation has taken a turn for the better. Though the pandemic is still around a lot of offices have resumed their work, be it government offices or factories of the private sector, all are back in action with a new set of rules on the ground and only minimum people as labour.

Still, new cases are coming up every day as the mark for both death tolls and recovery rates soar making the situation remain a questionable one.

Are we safe to re-open the country with fresh new cases as of 80,000 a day a good idea??

Though a lot of things have come back to normal as mentioned above we still have a long way to go. With mandatory wearing of masks while stepping out is becoming a new normal, sanitisers are becoming the new ‘weapon of choice’ for everyone. The virus however still poses as a big threat to mankind.

With Metro services all set to resume from 7th September, and the Centre eventually giving a nod to religious and political events with a maximum of 100 guests, we’re entering Unlock 4.0

No Indian state will be allowed to impose lockdown outside the containment zones and seal inter-state borders without the permission of the Central government.

All this at the time when India becomes the first country to report 80,000 fresh COVID-19 cases in a single day.

Currently we’re at 3.5 million infected yet lockdown is being relaxed and students forced to appear for exams in an attempt to re-establish normalcy and get the country’s economy going.

Complete cancellation of exams will bring a whole other level of chaos in terms of opportunity being given to the less deserving or everybody being promoted and given degrees etc, which is just not possible.

Though the government has said and are adamant to follow strict procedures in conducting exams with all safety measures and social distancing, students have been asked not to worry much.

Opening of religious places and places of worship and political events with just 100 attendees however still feels like an unnecessary relaxation when we have already witnessed the debacle of opening up markets, liquor shops and parks previously with all rules and regulations flouted openly. Majority of the people have ended up been infected with the virus.

The pandemic is continuously raging, without showing any signs of slowdown. The situation is out of control, and if you are thinking that vaccine ‘aa jayegi’ I think a reality check is what you really need.

While we have started with the human trials and results seem to be promising as of now, we are still months away from an effective and certified vaccine. A vaccine that can successfully cater to the world’s ‘second-largest population’, especially when there are reports that we’re still struggling with providing adequate critical care treatment in several districts now newly turned coronavirus hotspots.

All said and done, the governments however is still worthy of appreciation for handling a very critical situation while still keeping the country’s spirits high.

Therefore, the lockdown is opening to bring back the country, some nuance of normalcy and get the economy to boom while the condition outside still remains severe. Therefore as faithful citizens of our country the least we can do right now is to ‘STAY HOME’ if necessary, and ‘PRACTICE SOCIAL DISTANCING’.