COVID 19 Updates: Cases exceeds 28 Lakh, recording the highest increase till now

Covid-19 infections in India rushed past the 28-lakh mark as the country continues its efforts to revive the economy with the third highest cases.

Fresh cases have so far skyrocketed to the highest reported within a 24-hour span. India added nearly 70,000 new cases in a matter of 24 hours, taking the total tally to over 28.3 lakh, according to the update by the health ministry on Aug 20.

It includes almost 53,000 deaths and almost 21 recovered lakh patients. India has an active curve of over 6.8 lakh cases which appears to be flattening.

The Ministry of Health has praised the government’s efforts to suppress the virus, also pointing out that India has managed to lower its rate of fatality and raise its rate of recovery.

The rate of recovery now stands at 74%, while the rate of fatality is less than 2%, despite India reporting the world’s fourth-highest death.

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Credits : PTI
Global update

Infections of the coronavirus flared in Europe, with France and Spain reporting their largest increase in cases in months. The outbreak in Hong Kong has shown signs of ease.

In New York rate fell to the lowest since the pandemic began in March. President Donald Trump has attacked colleges that turn to remote learning, and alleged health regulators could postpone an emergency policy procedure.

Globally, the virus affected 22.2 million people while the death toll was 783,000.

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