Covid19 effect : Plasma transported from Banglore to Srinagar for positive woman

Since the doctors have discovered the plasma treatment,  there is an urgent need for plasma all over the country. Many people have donated their plasma after recovering from the virus.

Two bags of plasma was flown with Indigo from Bengaluru to Srinagar via Delhi for a COVID-19 patient. A 60-year old woman was infected with the virus in Srinagar on Tuesday morning. The patient family did SOS call for the urgent need of plasma.

Photo: Times of India

A hope and plasma were received from A Bengaluru patient who came forward to donate plasma after hearing the condition of the elderly women.

“The plasma was first flown from Bengaluru to Delhi on 6E 363 followed by the connecting flight from Delhi to Srinagar 6E 2486,” IndiGo said in a press release. It was stored in an onboard cargo of both the flights.

“We were able to quickly arrange for the plasma with the help of a matching donor who had recovered from COVID recently. We reached out to the IndiGo team where Captain Rahul Srivatasava came forward to assist us in flying the plasma effectively and safely to Srinagar with help of the IndiGo cargo team,” said Dr US Vishal Rao, associate dean of HCG Cancer Hospital.

The donor had adequate COVID antibodies and after testing negative for 40 days can voluntary donate plasma for other patients.
Ronojoy Dutta, Chief Executive Officer, IndiGo said, “The creation of the first air corridor in India to transport blood plasma can have a huge positive impact on the treatment of COVID-19 patients through plasma therapy”.

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