Debris fall from space in three districts of Gujarat

AHMEDABAD: On Thursday the residents of Gujarat’s Anand district were shocked to find a peculiar metal ball that fell from space.

According to the reports: At around 4:45 pm, a large black metal object,  which Is weighing around 5kg fell in Bhalej. Similar incident were also reported in Khambholaj and Rampura, all the three villages are located within 15 kilometres from each others

Villagers were scared by the incident and called the local police.

Meanwhile, the police noted the incident and quickly called the Forensic Science Laboratory (FSL) experts to investigate the matter and to begin a Probe.

The large black metal ball was suspected to be satellite debris.

After the incident, Superintendent of Police Ajit Rajiaan said. The first ball fell in Bhalej around 4:45 pm,  after a very short notice similar incidents were reported in two other districts Khambholaj and Rampura. Fortunately there were no injuries or casualties, the debris fell away from a house in Khambholaj,meanwhile in the other two places it fell in an open area.

Well we are not sure about the large black metal object, what kind of space debris this is, but according to the villagers we are sure that it fell from the sky.