Delhi govt increases minimum monthly wages of unskilled & skilled labourers  

NEW DELHI: Delhi government has hiked minimum monthly wages of unskilled and skilled labourers which is applicable from 1st April. Labourers are going to get Rs 450-Rs 550 in view of high rate of inflation, according to an official statement.

“The decision was taken to give respite to the labour class who are facing problems to earn their livelihood. Now the government has taken steps and is paying the highest rates of minimum wages in the entire country,” Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia said.

“Monthly wages have been increased from Rs 16,064 to Rs 16,506 for unskilled workers, and from Rs 17,693 to Rs 18,187 for semi-skilled ones and for skilled labourers it has increased from Rs 19,473 to Rs 20,019 a month”, Manish Sisodia added

“Wages of matriculate and non-matriculation employees have also been increased. For non-matriculated workers it has increased from Rs 17,693 to Rs 18,187 and for matriculate employees, from Rs 19,473 to Rs 20,019. For graduates and those with higher educational qualifications, the monthly wage has been hiked from Rs 21,184 to Rs 21,756, deputy CM said

The wages have been last revised by the Delhi government in November 2021. While keeping the COVID-19 pandemic in mind, the government provides relief to the workers.

People who are getting minimum wages in the unorganised sector, will also get the benefits of the dearness allowance. Which are generally provided for the state and central government employees, Sisodia said

While compared to other states, Delhi is providing the highest minimum wages. The Delhi government is still working to revise the dearness allowance every six month to provide respite to all workers of Delhi from inflation, he added